Ltd. "Directorate COT" was established in 1998 and led the company engaged in the following activities: equipment and building materials wholesale, trade, renting of real estate, wood, oil and gas equipment.

In late 2009, members of LLC "Management COT" made a strategic decision to enter the market of residential and commercial real estate.

The company has come a long way of formation and development, and today the company "Management COT" is:

group of companies, providing a full cycle of works in various fields of business;
control (parent) company, under the leadership of which there are 4 subsidiaries and affiliated companies and their affiliates, united by a common strategy and management;
company that has managed to establish itself as a reliable and stable partner and a responsible employer.
Currently, LLC "Management COT" employs 25 highly qualified and motivated employees. Total group of companies employs more than 240 professionals.

The strategic goal of the company

The strategic goal of the group of companies - to become one of the krupneyneshih companies in the region for production and financial performance through the implementation of large-scale integrated development projects. It is planned to attract the resources of federal and regional programs of residential mortgage lending, provided permanent capacity building and production facilities and increase production, using innovative technologies to create the most comfortable living conditions.

The company also plans to increase the volume of production of building materials and the further development of infrastructure projects, including management of its own utility and gas-generating thermal power plants.

Areas of activity

Investment and development.
The priority of the company is an investment and development. The company has successfully begun preparations for the construction project "Mini-policy" KUB-A "" in Krasnodar. The investment portfolio of the company - is a unique project in modern Russia such projects unit.

Asset Management.
This activity is designed to organize the effective work with the assets of the company, rental, property of third parties, as well as the property transferred to the management of subsidiaries of the company.

Manage their own utility systems.
The group has many years of experience operating their own utility, providing services to the public and businesses to provide heating, domestic hot and cold water supply, sewerage and wastewater acceptance, while responding quickly to changes in external factors, financial, legal and market situations. Using modern energy-efficient technologies, constantly improving municipal systems, it provides a minimum loss.


Focus on customer needs.
The company is entirely dependent on their customers and therefore seeks to understand their needs, meet customer requirements and exceed their expectations.

Honesty and integrity.
The company has always honest and open in working with partners and clients, realizing their expectations from the project.

The company aims to be a pioneer in the industry - not to follow others, and create new things and do what was previously thought impossible.

Social responsibility.
The company considers the interests of society by taking responsibility for the impact of their activities on customers, suppliers, shareholders, entrepreneurs and all stakeholders, and most importantly - on the environment.




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